Payment Bond Claims

Miller Act Bond Claims in VirginiaThe Federal Miller Act and the Virginia “Little Miller Act” are great tools that Virginia construction professionals can use on Federal and State construction projects.  Particularly in today’s construction marketplace, construction subcontractors and suppliers are bidding on more government work to which these statutes apply.  Even in an improving construction economy, private bonding is becoming more of the norm.

This page compiles the various Construction Law Musings relating to construction bond claims and other construction surety and bonding issues.  For more, read the posts below or click here if you are on a mobile device for more.

Reminder: Always Order a Title Search for Your Mechanic’s Lien

Mechanic’s liens are close to my heart as a construction attorney.  These powerful tools for collection have been (and likely will be) discussed often here at Construction Law Musings.  In fact, they rated their own page here at this little construction blog. While the form for a mechanic’s lien that is found in the Virginia…

Reminder: Don’t Let Holiday Cheer Blow Your Deadlines

Originally posted 2012-12-03 09:00:01. Republished by Blog Post PromoterAs we enter the month of December, thoughts of the holidays start to enter our heads.  Holiday music, shopping, smiles and a warm fire tend to take one’s thoughts away from business and toward family.  What could go wrong during this chilly, somewhat hectic, but joyful time…

No Setoff Between Bonded and Non-Bonded Projects

Originally posted 2013-09-09 09:00:35. Republished by Blog Post PromoterAs any reader of Construction Law Musings knows, payment bond claims are a big part of my law practice.  You have also likely read through the federal cases relating to the Miller Act that you can find here.  On trend in these federal cases in the Virginia…

Deadline Nears for “Green Performance Bond” Implementation

Originally posted 2011-06-03 13:56:34. Republished by Blog Post PromoterFor this weeks Guest Post Friday at Musings, we welcome Surety, a leading online surety provider. specializes in educating current and prospective business owners about local surety requirements. To keep up with surety bond trends, follow and Surety Bonds Insider blog and @suretybond on Twitter….