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Review the Terms and Conditions of Purchase Orders- They Could be Important!

There are many moving parts on a commercial construction project. These range from site surveys to weather events to ordering materials. On most large construction projects, the prime contract and subcontracts are generally drafted ahead of time and hopefully reviewed by both in house personnel and an experienced construction attorney. However, there are situations, particularly

Contracts, Liens and Notice

The Virginia Circuit Courts made a couple of interesting rulings published this month that I thought you should know about. They both emphasize the need to carefully read and analyze statutes and contracts. The first, Meeks Disposal Corp. v. Circle South, LLC, comes from the Norfolk Virginia Circuit Court and discusses one of Construction Law

Mediation v. Arbitration, Both Private Dispute Resolution but Very Different Sorts

I often get calls from clients, potential construction clients, and other construction and business professionals with questions about arbitration or mediation clauses in the contracts that they are reviewing or drafting. When I get these calls, it often becomes clear that, understandably, there is some confusion as to what each of these alternate dispute resolution

Reckless Disregard is. . . Well. . .Reckless

Punitive damages are hard to come by in construction law cases. This is because almost all construction contract cases are exactly that: contract cases. Between the economic loss rule and the Virginia Courts’ almost (though not completely) impregnable wall between tort and contract, punitive damages may seem completely out of the picture. Depending on your