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Reckless Disregard is. . . Well. . .Reckless

Punitive damages are hard to come by in construction law cases. This is because almost all construction contract cases are exactly that: contract cases. Between the economic loss rule and the Virginia Courts’ almost (though not completely) impregnable wall between tort and contract, punitive damages may seem completely out of the picture. Depending on your

Finishing Strong: Why Timely Project Close-Out Should Matter to Contractors

For this week’s Guest Post Friday post here at Construction Law Musings, we welcome back Matt Bouchard. Matt is a partner with Lewis & Roberts, PLLC in Raleigh, North Carolina. For over ten years his practice has focused on representing the interests of contractors, sureties and owners in connection with commercial construction projects. You can

The Landscape of US Immigration Laws and How It Affects The Construction Industry

For this week’s Guest Post Friday here at Musings, we welcome back a good friend and fellow construction attorney, Scott Wolfe Jr. Scott is a construction attorney who practices law through his firm Wolfe Law Group in California, Washington, Oregon and Louisiana. He is also the founder of Zlien, a nationwide preliminary notice and mechanic’s