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ConsensusDOCS Hits the Cloud

ConsensusDOCS General Contracting Contractual ...
ConsensusDOCS General Contracting Contractual Relationships (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have discussed the ConsensusDOCS here at Musings on a few occasions. These relatively new form documents, endorsed by the AGC among other trade organizations, are a great counterpoint to the AIA documents that we all are more than familiar with and as construction attorneys and contractors have likely reviewed on numerous occasions.

Recently, these documents have joined the parade and have taken to the cloud. The folks at ConsensusDOCS made this move to ease the type of collaboration that I have discussed must occur on construction projects among the players. The use of the cloud based technology is one of the first uses of this technology to increase productivity.

Of course, like with any form documents, either use the ConsensusDOCS as written or not at all because they have been drafted to work together as written. Changing the wording of any set of form contracts in places aside from the “fill in the blank” areas can only lead to inconsistencies and work for your lawyer should something go wrong.

I encourage you to review the ConsensusDOCS and poke around the new web based interface and then come back and let me know what you think.

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ConsensusDOCS Hits the Cloud
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2 Responses to ConsensusDOCS Hits the Cloud

  1. Hi Chris – Interesting post and timely for our recent phone conversation. My question: Is the use of a cloud based software to prepare contract documents render the software publisher as practicing law? Does AIA practice law by providing these forms and help with the forms / contracts?

  2. Interesting, and I don’t know the answer. Most of the docs are just fill in the blank so probably not. If the “help” is just pointing out how to fill out the documents without any advice on the effect of filling them out or what to put in the blanks, I wouldn’t think so.

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