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Construction Law Musings Breaks the 500 Post Threshold

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Wow, who would have thought back in December of 2008 when I started Construction Law Musings that I’d ever reach the 500 post mark! Well, last Friday, with Rob Pitkin’s guest post on pay if paid clauses, we hit our 500th post.

I find it highly appropriate that the 500th post here at Musings was a Guest Post Friday contribution. Without the around 180 guest posts here at my little construction blog, I am sure I would have petered out long ago or at least bored many of the readers. Since the first guest post back in early 2009, contributors have shared their thoughts on everything from mechanic’s liens and construction contracts to iPad apps, mediation and construction marketing. These posts have also exposed me to some great folks that I have since had the pleasure to get to know personally.

Most importantly, thank you all for continuing to read, re-tweet, comment, and otherwise interact with me here at my construction blog. Without your input and participation, this blog (and my construction practice) would not be half as fulfilling.

Thanks again for the continued interest and support and here’s to the next 500!

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