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Construction Related Legislative Changes Effective July 1, 2013

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Every year at this time, a new set of statutes comes into effect. This year is no different. If you are a fan (or at least follower) of the Virginia General Assembly and have an interest in construction, you have likely kept informed about some of the various statutory changes that will take place today (and probably a few that were attempted and killed).

This year (and as summarized below), the Virginia legislators made changes, tweaks, and even a clarification or two to everything from the process for filing and recovering from the Contractor’s Recovery Fund to some of the procurement procedures under the Virginia Public Procurement Act. Additionally, and in a bill that I was following closely and discussed here at Construction Law Musings, the good folks at the capital added a requirement that a memorandum of mechanic’s lien list a contractor’s Virginia license number and explicitly prohibiting improperly or non-licensed contractors from recording a memorandum of lien. Whether this is a change or just a clarification has been discussed elsewhere, but one thing is certain, this new requirement for information included in such a memorandum will be strictly interpreted.

I encourage you Virginia construction attorneys out there to review the summary below (from the Construction Law and Public Contracts section) and to save the date for The 34th Annual Construction and Public Contracts Law Seminar where I am sure this and other great topics will be discussed.

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Construction Related Legislative Changes Effective July 1, 2013
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