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Discussions of Changes in Virginia Mechanic’s Lien Law at ZLien

zlien-logo2Once again I get to thank Scott Wolfe (@scottwolfejr) over at Zlien for an opportunity to guest post. This time around it is on the soon to be implemented changes to the Virginia law as it relates to contractual waivers of lien and bond claim rights.

Here’s a taste of the post over at Scott’s blog:

At its most basic level these changes void the fairly standard contractual terms found in many Virginia construction contracts that provide that a subcontractor waives its mechanic’s lien rights on the project prior to any work being performed. As I stated in my earlier posts, this is a big deal and brings Virginia in line with a majority of the states in barring the enforceability of such clauses. However, and despite much lobbying by the Virginia chapter of the Associated General Contractors, the language does not extend to general contractors. The wisdom of such an omission is best left to the politicians.

For the rest of my thoughts check out the full post here.

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  1. Chris, always nice to have you. Thanks for updating us on Virginia’s law change. We love the direction of the new law!

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