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E-Verify is Live (But For How Long?)

e-verifyThe much anticipated “live” version of the Federal E-Verify program began September 8, 2009. This much awaited, and debated, program hit the ground after legal challenges and some watering down of language. This program requires federal contractors to use the “E-Verify” program to confirm the legal immigration status of present and future employees.

However, the debate is far from over. As James McConnell points out, false positives and false negatives based on the use of E-Verify are almost a certainty. For this reason, legal challenges are sure to follow. Additionally, without a further appropriation from Congress, funding for this program may very well dry up, leaving it as an unfunded mandate. Musings will keep an eye on the latest developments.

Contractors should also keep an eye out for changes and updates to the program and its requirements. The wrinkles are not all ironed out and changes could be on the way.

I would enjoy hearing thoughts from contractors and those with an eye toward the legal issues presented by this hastily rolled out program.

If you have thoughts on the E-Verify program, please comment below. Also, please subscribe to keep up with the latest Musings.

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