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A Great Contractor Filled Weekend

2014 AGC-VA ConventionOver this past weekend, I attended the annual convention of the Associated General Contractors of Virginia. As always, a good time was had by all. Between the skeet and five stand shooting, the oyster tasting and other great events, the convention had plenty of laughter and opportunity to have some fun at the Homestead here in Virginia. The speakers were great and the educational sessions and membership meetings were well worth the trip as well.

With all of that said, I still maintain that the most important part of the weekend (for both contractors and the construction attorneys that serve them) was the networking. Not only did I get to visit with and cement friendships and business relationships with those I know, I meet someone new each and every time I hit the road from Richmond and head to Hot Springs. I have always found that, even in today’s social media saturated world (of which I am an enthusiastic part), the opportunity to chat, shake hands, and even laugh with friends, clients and potential business sources is an invaluable way to keep a business going.

While having a social media and internet presence is almost a necessity, I find that in person contact creates a trust level and connection that will create a more solid relationship with a general contractor (if you’re a sub) or any other construction company (for those who seek them as clients). At least in Virginia (and I’d be surprised if it is any other way in other states) a level of knowledge about who you are dealing with is key to both obtaining and getting paid for work. Participation in an organization like the AGC of Virginia is a great way to meet and start building new relationships and to cement already existing ones. If you aren’t a member, I hope you’ll consider joining. If you’re already a member, I hope to see you at the 2015 convention.

In sum, this past weekend was great. Thanks to all that I chatted with and if I didn’t say “hi” and you’re a friend, I apologize and will catch up next time.

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A Great Contractor Filled Weekend
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