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Guest Post at ALPS411

Thanks to the folks over at ALPS for their kind invitation to post at their great ALPS411 blog. I highly recommend it for some great tips on everything from solo practice to risk management and client relations.

In my recent post, I shared my thoughts on a solo construction practice and my use of the cloud over the past year and a half. Here’s an excerpt,

When I went out on my own on July 1, 2010, I embraced the lawyer mobility available through cloud based tools. I am the entire staff of my law firm, so I needed to streamline and go paperless (to the extent possible in legal practice) to keep my practice manageable. I signed up for Clio, hooked my trusty laptop to the internet, later purchased a ScanSnap scanner, bought a Blackberry Playbook (yes, I’m still using a Blackberry), and charged forward. While the scanner is not in the cloud, it keeps my paper to my goal of a two drawer file cabinet.

Again, if you decide to read the whole post, I also recommend that you stay for a while and check out the other posts and articles at ALPS411.

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