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It’s That Time of Year Again. . .

The Time of Year for ClaimsAs I was sitting with some construction pros I know recently, it occurred to me that it’s that time of year. What time of year you ask? The time in every year when my claims practice, whether through lawsuit, bond claim, or mechanic’s lien, picks up. At a time when most would think that contractors and businesses would be hunkering down for turkey or slowing down for the holiday season, the opposite seems to occur. I tend to get calls from clients and others in the construction world who are looking to move aggressively on past due payments as well as obtain my help to keep the payment stream going.

My theory (and I would love to hear yours), is that many of my clients, being subcontractors, see a slowdown in work in the winter. Fewer projects break ground and those that do are more indoor projects due to the weather. Also, their fiscal years are nearing an end an they wish to tie up those loose ends of payment sooner rather than later. I also believe that the slow down gives contractors and subcontractors the opportunity to focus on the books.

Those who have documented well and paid attention to deadlines are more readily helped. Consulting with a construction lawyer throughout the year also makes this time of year simpler and more enjoyable by keeping these last minute collections to a minimum (while fully acknowledging that “Murphy was an Optimist“). Working with a good lawyer now can help you make sure that their contracts are up to snuff for 2011 and beyond. In short, call me (or your local construction attorney) so that we can work in partnership throughout the year and help make sure your holiday season is filled with egg nog and turkey and not with construction claims, litigation and mechanic’s liens.

Here’s wishing you all a great Thanksgiving season. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your thoughts or questions, I’m here to help.

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It's That Time of Year Again. . .
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