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Keeping Up With the Clutter at Small Firm Innovation

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Over the course of now over 500 posts and a few years, I have had the opportunity to guest contribute to several sites, among them The Advocate’s Studio and Small Firm Innovation. I truly appreciate each of these opportunities.

This week, I am lucky to be posting for the fourth time at Small Firm Innovation where this month’s theme is “Spring Cleaning.” By checking out the theme page at SFI (@sfinnovation if you want to get updates on Twitter), you will see posts about cleaning out everything from your writing to your website. My post is a bit more “earthly” so to speak. My theme is keeping up with the clutter.

Check out the excerpt below and then head over to the full post.

This means finally clearing the tall (but of course well organized) stack from the corner of my desk. It means truly looking at the non-client related stuff accumulating in my office and applying the “if I haven’t looked at it in 6 months, I don’t need it” test. It means wearing my trusty ScanSnap scanner to get rid of paper that I am not physically marking up and sending that paper to the cloud (I personally use Clio) and then hitting the shredder after making sure the copies are safely saved and backed up. Getting rid of this physical clutter keeps the mental clutter down and the stress level at a low roar.

While you’re there, please take a gander at my other posts at this great resource for small firm and solo practitioners like me.

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Keeping Up With the Clutter at Small Firm Innovation
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