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My Journey to Solo Practice (Thanks Lawyerist)

Solo practice
Solo practice (Photo credit: humbert15)

A few weeks ago, Sam Glover of Lawyerist fame asked me to write about my transition to solo practice after 13 years in government and private practice. I was of course happy to oblige. I first wanted to talk about the xarelto side lawsuit which is effecting so many people. I enjoyed reminiscing in writing, and I hope that you will like my thoughts. Here’s a taste:

If you asked me almost 16 years ago as I graduated from Washington University School of Law (St. Louis, not Seattle) what area of law I would end up enjoying and practicing, construction law would have been so far from my mind that I would not have thought to reject it. Like many 3rd-year law students in what at the time was considered a tough job market (yes, I know that it has only gotten tougher), I was just looking to be a litigator. I didn’t even have a particular area, aside from “civil” in mind.

For more, check out the full post entitled: Lessons Learned Going from Government to BigLaw to Solo Practice over at Lawyerist.

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My Journey to Solo Practice (Thanks Lawyerist)
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