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Newsflash: Musings to Invade the Advocate’s Studio

Construction Law Musings invades the Advocates StudioWhen I asked my pal Martha Sperry (@advocatesstudio) of the Advocates Studio legal tech blog to guest post this Friday (on a topic that is great but will be a surprise), I had no idea that she would let me take over the Studio for a day. We put our heads together over Google Wave (one of Martha’s favorite underused collaboration tools) and came up with the idea of cross posting this Friday. The results were phenomenal.

Not only will Musings get a great post on legal tech, we get to post at the Studio while she’s busy looking the other way! I look forward to it, and so should you.

Thanks for the great idea Martha.

UPDATE: The link to the post at the Studio is here.

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  2. Great blog, very interesting. You obviously work well together. You should collaborate more often.

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