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Off to the Homestead for AGC Convention 2011!

AGC of VirginiaI am off on my annual trip to the Associated General Contractors of Virginia’s Annual Convention. This means several things. One is that I will be shooting in the general direction of some sporting clays (and missing most of them). Another is that it is a great networking event to get to know my clients and prospective construction clients better. Finally, I always learn something about the state of construction in Virginia by chatting with those who make contracting their business day in and day out. For these reasons, among others, the AGC of Virginia has been a big help to me in growing my construction law practice. I highly recommend that construction lawyers check out their local AGC chapters, you’ll likely make friends, have fun and even may pick up a client or two.

Finally, this means that Guest Post Friday is taking a break today. Don’t worry, the guest posts will be back with a vengeance starting next Friday.

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Off to the Homestead for AGC Convention 2011!
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One Response to Off to the Homestead for AGC Convention 2011!

  1. Chris, I hope you have a great time & safe trip.

    Now as for the sporting clay issue… Let’s see – just like in law, where you always try to and advise others to stay ahead of issues &/or potential legal changes and address them before hand. Well, the same applies to shooting at a moving target, fire where it is going to be, not where it currently is / was. Good luck

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