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Putting My Mediation Where My Mouth Is

A simple statistical mediation model.
A simple statistical mediation model. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been a big advocate for mediation as a method of resolving construction disputes for quite a while here at Construction Law Musings. As an advocate, I have participated in numerous mediations and have seen the effect that a good mediator can have in bringing the parties together to resolve their business dispute. Seeing this made me want to be one of those mediators.

Because of my true belief that most construction disputes are at heart a zero sum game (meaning that every dollar paid to someone outside of those directly involved in a construction dispute is one that subtracts from the bottom line), and that therefore settlement is usually the best option, I decided to go through training as a mediator. I have discussed my various thoughts throughout this process. The training, and in particular the co-mediations with a mentor, have been eye opening, and have only strengthened my belief in mediation as a dispute resolution tool.

Well, the training and mentor-ship was long, but I have reached the end. Just today, I received a packet from the Virginia Supreme Court confirming my certification as a Virginia General District Court Mediator. This certification allows me to work with some local courts to help parties resolve their differences without having to go through the arduous trial process. Of course, this does not preclude me from performing private mediations for construction folks seeking to have their disputes resolved short of trial.

In short, I am excited to announce that I am now an “official” mediator with certain courts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Let me know how I can help you resolve your disputes.

PS- I am offering private mediation services through my firm. I’d love to help you resolve your disputes.

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  1. Chris,

    I am very pleased that you have taken the steps to become a mediator. I know you will help others to economically resolve their disputes while finding immense personal satisfaction in the process. Good luck and best wishes!


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