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Small Business Marketing for Contractors

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Jim RomanFor this week’s Guest Post Friday, Musings is proud to welcome Jim Roman of the Business Owner’s Institute. Jim is a friend and has been very helpful in growing my business, both as the owner of the Richmond BNI franchise and through his energy and enthusiasm. He can be contacted at 804-938-TEAM (8326).

Ever heard someone say: “My business just needs more business, we just need more exposure.” Inevitably, they may get more exposure, but often, no more business. Exposure is necessary, but it does not translate into more business.

Often times “marketing” makes us think of corporate marketing plans, big budgets, and ads everywhere we turn. Small Business owners have different needs, and need to scale their marketing efforts to strategies that can be effective without the big expenditures.

How can you use marketing to bring in more business? One of the first rules of marketing is that 80% of your business will come from people who already know you, or have done business with you before. So it makes perfect sense to tap into your database of clients first.

Step 1: Start by calling your 10 best clients to check and see how they’re doing. Ask how their summer went. The key here is not to sell them but for you to show that you care about them. Imagine if someone from a business you patronized called you because they genuinely took an interest in you.

Step 2: Send a personalized letter (yes, on real stationary) saying: “Hello! I was just thinking about you, and hoping things are going well for you. I was reading this article and thought you might find it interesting, as I did. Remember; if you need anything don’t hesitate to give us a call. We appreciate your business.” And be sure to include the article you mentioned.

Step 3: Send a newsletter that includes business articles, tips, valuable information or information about events that are going on locally. You could even invite your clients to write articles within their expertise for your newsletters. This offers them great exposure, and you will gain their gratitude for supporting them.

Step 4: Invite your clients and contacts to a fun event. Ideas are baseball games, concerts, a special client appreciation night or even a group dinner. Another idea is to invite them to a lunch seminar, where your best clients and their guests learn something of value to their business for only the cost of lunch.

Step 5: Invite a client or prospect to a group mixer or networking event, where you act like a host to your guest. You make an effort to introduce them to contacts that they might benefit from meeting. People go to networking events to connect with people. Help them make connections, and in time, they will reward you with connections that will benefit you.

Step 6: Make sure that your marketing materials convey the message and professionalism you want. This includes business cards, brochures, your website, voice mail message, how your staff answers the phone, and even how welcoming you are to new clients.

Please comment below with your thoughts on how you can use these tips to grow your construction practice as a lawyer or contractor. Also, please subscribe to keep up with this and other Guest Post Friday Musings.

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24 Responses to Small Business Marketing for Contractors

  1. Great tips in this post!

    It reminds me of the old saying that goes something like “everyone loves to buy but hates to be sold”

    What you are suggesting is to create and build on a personal relationship. Many people don’t realize how they are approaching their potential clients.

    In your outline from above you are approaching from that of a friend or acquaintance, rather then “thorn in the side” sales person.

    Great advice for anyone in business!
    Keep it up
    Matthew Shields

  2. Great post! I try to put myself in the situation of my customers and look how my current tools benefit THEM. Using that perspective, I develop a sales approach that highlights each of the advantages of your business. For example, ZipWall customers have found that talking about ZipWall dust containment systems shows customers how dedicated I am to their safety and comfort. Customers are able to understand not only the proficiency of your skills but also your dedication to helping them keep a clean, sanitary and safe environment. Everyone benefits whenever you can look at things from another’s perspective – that’s why we developed ZipPole, because it’s practically the same as the ZipWall system but at half the price.

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  4. I just sent a gift basket to a client I did a job for a year ago as a show of appreciation. Her daughter called a week later and wants to meet to talk about their project.

  5. so that is what my supplier is doing to me huh! hehehe!

    now these days that business is not pouring I guess we need to be careful of expenditures on getting new clients, focusing on existing would be enough for the moment.

    Erwin recently posted..May 18- 500 Small Business IdeasMy Profile

  6. I appreciate your emphasis on the ‘personal human relationship’ with your clients in your business marketing post.

    It’s not hard sell nor is there a feeling of ‘automated marketing’ dominating your interaction with your customers.

    Another suggestion is to try ‘joint venture marketing campaigns’ with your clients if there are opportunities to do so.
    Video Sales Bro Matt W. recently posted..Website Design BasicsMy Profile

  7. Thank you for your insights on marketing tips for contractors. We are a building maintenance company in Idaho and could probably follow some of your tips. We especially like the idea of taking a personal interest in our top 10 clients.

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