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Summer Thoughts on Guest Post Fridays at Musings

Summer Thoughts on Guest Post Fridays at MusingsAs I sit here on a hot and humid Friday here in Richmond, Virginia and see that things slow down when the heat gets near 100 degrees, client service and friends come to mind.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to the discussion here at Construction Law Musings. Whether that input be by comment or full Guest Post Friday post, I truly appreciate the color and insight these contributions give here at my corner of the construction law universe. I am consistently amazed at the wonderful input and sometimes praise that this blog gets on a regular basis. For this I am grateful.

When I started the Guest Post Fridays way back when (almost 3 years ago now), the idea was one I thought to be a good one, but had no idea how it would work out. Much like this little construction law blog, I started with few expectations and no way to know how it would work out. Frankly, the response has been overwhelming. I have met lawyers and other construction and design professionals from across the U.S. and many have become friends. Several have posted on repeat occasions and all provide insights and perspectives that give this blog color that I could not provide on my own. To thank you individually would take too long, but know that I would if I had room.

So, in conclusion, thanks to all who fill this space on Fridays. I truly appreciate your thoughts and contributions (not to mention relieving me of having to think of another post topic! 🙂 ). I highly recommend perusing the Guest Post Friday page and reading these posts.

As always, I welcome and encourage your comments below, please share your thoughts. Also, please subscribe to keep up with the latest Construction Law Musings.

Summer Thoughts on Guest Post Fridays at Musings
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2 Responses to Summer Thoughts on Guest Post Fridays at Musings

  1. Thanks for keeping up with all the hard work, Chris. I have learned much through your posts, as well as through all the amazing people that you bring in for guest posts. And while I can’t imagine a situation in which I would have need to hire a construction attorney in Virginia, I know who I’d call first if I did. What you have demonstrated is that the tangible benefits of blogging and social media extend beyond revenue generation. If it were not for your blog, the community (and the industry, arguably) would be missing a valuable and credible resource.

  2. WOW! Thanks Brian. I appreciate the great words. You are welcome for a 2nd guest post any time.

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