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Thanks to Construction Law in NC

I am always grateful for the opportunity to “muse” on other folks blogs. I am particularly grateful to Melissa Brumback (@melissabrumback) for the opportunity to discuss why contractors and subcontractors should “play nicely in the sandbox” at the great Construction Law in North Carolina blog.

Here’s an excerpt from the post. For the rest, you’ll have to go visit her blog.

While it is obvious that subs need to play nice with GC’s because they have the money, it may seem less obvious how the above can hurt a general contractor. The short answer (and don’t worry I won’t be going into the long one) is that burning good subs eventually means that good subs won’t work with you. Subs talk to each other. Your reputation will precede you. Eventually the economy will improve and you won’t be the only game in town. Not to mention that such actions are the stuff of which claims are made.

I recommend that you check out the post and the remainder of Melissa’s great blog, particularly if you are a North Carolina construction or AE professional.

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