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Thanks to Greg Shelton at Construction Law Carolinas

Thanks to my new buddy Greg Shelton (@ConstrLawSCNC) and the up and coming Construction Law Carolinas blog for the opportunity to guest post! Here’s a quick excerpt:

New green building projects are popping up all over the place. The USGBC, the entity that oversees and implements the LEED certification program, estimates that it has 1 billion (yes with a “b”) in square footage within the LEED system. The General Services Administration of the Federal Government has mandated green building in all new construction. Couple that with the adoption of “green” zoning regulations (such as in Arlington, VA) and state “green” building codes (such as CALGreen), and you, as a builder or construction professional (read attorney) have every reason to believe that sustainable building is here to stay.

For the full post, check out the post at Greg’s blog here.

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