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Thanks to Small Firm Innovation: Guest Post on Client Service

th_21Thanks again to the Small Firm Innovation blog for another opportunity to guest post at their great resource for those seeking information and practice tips for the small firm or solo practitioner.

This most recent post is on client customer service as a smile and a handshake. Here’s and excerpt to wet your appetite for the full post:

We’ve all heard the mantra that client service and prompt communication equals customer service. We’ve also heard that law firms are not Amazon and therefore should not take a retail approach to customer service. These are platitudes for a reason. Namely, they are true. Folks voluntarily spend money at Amazon and Best Buy, they generally call lawyers, particularly litigators, only reluctantly and only when things get bad.

Clients come to us in most instances because they have what is in their world is a huge challenge or problem. Their issue may be one of many similar issues (in my case construction related) that our clients are facing, but to the client, the issue is the biggest they’ve seen. For that reason, I do not think that lawyers should treat clients as commodities. Our clients keep the lights on and depend on us for both counseling and expertise.

While you’re there check out the full site and my other guest Musings.

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Thanks to Small Firm Innovation: Guest Post on Client Service
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