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Too Many Thank You’s

Thank You for Reading Construction Law MusingsAs Musings nears five months of its existence, I feel the need to thank all of those who have been kind enough to contribute to its success. When I started this on mostly a whim in December, I had no idea how this experiment could grow and the great people and opportunities that presented themselves.

From all of those that post on Guest Post Fridays (you know who you are), to those that have kindly made comments on this blog and my other attempts at social marketing (among them Amy Derby, Chuck Newton, Anne Reed, Grant Griffiths and others), those at Solo Practice University, and of course the many other attorneys and construction folks (green and otherwise) that I have too little space to name (Vik Duggal, Chris Cheatham, Shari Shapiro, Scott Wolfe, Andrea Goldman and others who know who they are), you have all been amazingly supportive and helpful and I have learned, and continue to learn a lot from each of you.

I know I have forgotten to name some of the many other great contributors to this great experiment, and I hope to meet more.

As always, I look forward to your comments and please subscribe by e-mail or in your favorite reader if you find these posts to be interesting. I enjoy writing them, so please join the conversation.

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