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Why I Muse Every Week Re-Blog at ALPS411

Why I Muse Every Week Re-Blog at ALPS411Thanks again to ALPS411 for their continued solicitation and publication of guest posts and re-blogged content at their site. This week its my thoughts on why I do this construction blog thing every week and why I’ve kept it up for over 3 years. Here’s a tease:

Recently, I’ve gotten numerous questions/comments from friends, clients and potential clients regarding how and why I continue to blog at Construction Law Musings. My first answer is always that its fun. I know, it seems like a bit more work on top of a busy solo construction law practice. However, it is exactly because of my busy practice that publishing this construction law blog has been a great thing.

For the rest, you’ll have to read the whole post. I also recommend perusing the remainder of the blog while you’re there, its a great resource.

As always, I welcome and encourage your comments below, please share your thoughts. Also, please subscribe to keep up with the latest Construction Law Musings.

Why I Muse Every Week Re-Blog at ALPS411
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