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Why I “Muse” Every Week

Why continue the Construction Law Musings?Recently, I’ve gotten numerous questions/comments from friends, clients and potential clients regarding how and why I continue to blog here at Construction Law Musings. My first answer is always that its fun. I know, it seems like a bit more work on top of a busy solo construction law practice. However, it is exactly because of my busy practice that publishing this construction law blog has been a great thing.

In December of last year, this corner of the Web turned 3 (something that still amazes me). When I began writing for this blog, I had no idea how much work, learning and fun would come out of it. Sure, there is some marketing value to a blog and the use of other Web 2.0 and social media tools for client development and networking with other lawyers and construction pros. However, if publishing this blog and posting on a regular basis weren’t fun and interesting (and I thank all of you who read and post here at Musings for making this experience all the richer), this blog would never have made it past the first year.

Other benefits that I’ve gained from the experience?

  • Keeping abreast of developments in Virginia construction law. Keeping to my publication schedule has made me keep up on developments in Virginia law in ways that I would not have without having to find a topic every week.
  • Meeting great folks. Many of the calls, guest posts and other contacts that have grown from my presence here at Musings have grown into friendships and business relationships that I never would have had otherwise. Thanks to all of you who stopped in to say “Hi.”
  • A bit of tech savvy. While I will never profess to be a tech guru, I can at least find my way around a WordPress dashboard and fumble my way through rudimentary web design. This at least lets me stay only a few steps behind my kids on the tech side (though fluency in PowerPoint to the level of my high schooler has eluded me. . .)
  • Education in areas of construction I never would have learned about. Thanks to the numerous comments and guest posts here at Construction Law Musings I have had the opportunity to get insight into everything from alternate dispute resolution to the “green” benefits of some concrete products. I cannot thank all of those that contribute enough for their time and insight.

In short, I blog because it’s fun an rewarding in ways beyond any SEO or marketing benefits gained for my solo construction law firm (though the benefits have been real). I blog because I learn something new every day. The benefits listed above are really what got me through the first few months of posting and what I remind myself of every time I stare at the screen with writer’s block. The rewards far outweigh the occasional struggle through inspirational quicksand.

If I ever get to the point that this is no longer rewarding, I’ll let you know. For now, I don’t plan to stop “musing” any time soon.

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