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New Year’s Resolutions and Musings

Happy 2011 from Construction Law MusingsHere we are, the first “official” post of 2011 here at Construction Law Musings. The holidays have passed and it’s time to get moving on a great new year. In last week’s post, I looked back at 2010. Now that it’s a new year, its time to look forward.

While last year was one of change (almost all of it great), I am happy to be settled into my solo practice. The first 6 months of solo practice have been rewarding and challenging and as I get the hang of running the practice more and more, each day becomes even more so. I resolve to continue to grow my practice and relationships through the AGC of Virginia and otherwise to keep this great momentum going. Thanks to all of the great friends I have met in the legal and construction worlds both before and after the transition. If any of you are in Glen Allen, VA (or central Virginia) let me know, I’d love to grab a cup of coffee.

Of course, I predict more great Guest Post Fridays, I already have a few friends ready to post and I am sure you’ll find the group of 2011 guests as interesting as I will. I also see more web based collaboration and practice management in my future. My practice has grown a lot since I began to move into the Web 2.0 world. I hope to meet and talk with more folks through this medium as well.

On the construction front “green” building will, in my opinion, be a huge area of growth for contractors and the lawyers that represent them. The GSA will be seeking gold certification on all renovations and new construction on the land and building stock that it owns. This is just one example of the desire for sustainable construction. As with any new area of technology or building, the rush to sustainability (while a wonderful one) does not come without risks. Luckily, many of my legal cohorts are busy sounding the preemptive alarm in a way that hopefully will help to stave off some of this risk.

I also hope that 2011 will be a great one for my clients and friends in the construction industry. The last two years have been tough, but those that are still around have come through it well. With the help of their construction attorneys (whether me or some of the other great lawyers here in Virginia), construction professionals can shore up their contracts and help to grow their business in the future. I look forward to partnering with these great companies and individuals to make 2011 a prosperous one.

In short (and despite my occasional Eeyore like tendencies) I am optimistic for 2011. I welcome your comments on what you think this year holds.

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