Alternate Dispute Resolution

Mediation and ArbitrationI have often discussed mediation and arbitration as methods of resolving construction disputes here at Construction Law Musings.  I have also discussed my journey from construction litigator to litigator/mediator. This page consolidates my thoughts as well as those of others into one place for your review.

Please let me know your thoughts on ADR or contact me with any questions (whether they be about mediation, arbitration or otherwise).  Also, if you are interested in mediation services, please review the information at my firm website and let me know how I can help.

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Open Letter Regarding Construction Mediator Services

As many of you loyal readers of Musings are well aware, I am a huge fan of mediation.  A few years ago I got certified by the Virginia Supreme Court as a mediator.  I would love to help construction professionals and their attorneys resolve construction disputes in a creative and business like manner. I thank…

If You’re Negotiating a Raise or Resolving a Construction Dispute. . . Read this Book

Originally posted 2010-11-01 11:05:29. Are you a lawyer, real estate pro, contractor, or just a person negotiating his or her way through life?  If you didn’t answer “yes” to this question, I would be surprised.  We don’t all think of ourselves as negotiators or mediators, but any attorney or individual who has to work through…

Headline: Voluntary Construction Mediation Works

Well, I’m back.  After a busy week of  meeting with clients, college visits with my daughter and a successful mediation (this time as co-counsel), I am back to what I hope to be a more consistent posting schedule. Luckily for me, my friend Seth Smiley stepped in with a great Guest Post Friday post on…

Mediation Musings From the Trenches

Originally posted 2012-02-13 10:06:49. As I posted quite a while ago, I have been going through the Virginia Supreme Court mediation certification training.  Part of that training is a series of co-mediations where I get to essentially mediate a dispute with the supervision of a trained and experienced mentor helping smooth the edges.  This past…

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