Alternate Dispute Resolution

Mediation and ArbitrationI have often discussed mediation and arbitration as methods of resolving construction disputes here at Construction Law Musings.  I have also discussed my journey from construction litigator to litigator/mediator. This page consolidates my thoughts as well as those of others into one place for your review.

Please let me know your thoughts on ADR or contact me with any questions (whether they be about mediation, arbitration or otherwise).  Also, if you are interested in mediation services, please review the information at my firm website and let me know how I can help.

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More Thoughts from the Other Side of the Mediation Table

Originally posted 2011-11-21 09:00:42. I have stated on many occasions here at Musings that mediation is a great solution in many, if not most, construction cases. As a construction lawyer, there are very few cases in which I do not at least broach the subject of mediation with my client and likely with opposing counsel. …

Some Random (or Not So Random) Musings on a Thursday

As I am sitting here this week trying to get back on the blogging bandwagon (and I apologize for the less consistent posts as of late) and dealing with the occupational hazard of “bloggers block,” I thought I’d just go through the many great posts and blogs of friends and colleagues in the relatively small…

Resolve to Mediate Your Construction Disputes in 2014

After last week’s quick detour to discuss Kevin Underhill’s great book, we’re back to discuss more “serious” topics.  Namely, how to move forward relating to your construction disputes in 2014. As anyone that regularly reads Construction Law Musings knows, I am a Virginia Supreme Court certified mediator and an advocate of mediation as a great…

You Have Choices (Litigation Versus Mediation)

As I sit here thinking about an impending trial in the Goochland County General District Court, it hit me that I also serve as a mediator in that court from time to time.  Coincidentally, I will be “wearing both hats” (litigator and mediator) this week on back to back days.  It will be interesting to…

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