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Musings on “Hanging a Shingle”

Haniging a Shingle Speaker IDWell, I’m back from speaking on “Setting Up Your Office” at the Virginia CLE “Hanging a Shingle” Seminar. As always, I appreciate all of the folks that came out to hear me and my fellow speakers talk on all aspects of starting a law firm, from the considerations prior to “going solo” to the tech that you can use to make your life a bit easier from a “back office” standpoint to how to get a client and account for trust funds.

My particular topic was the tech and equipment that is available and that I personally use in my solo construction practice. I discussed, among other things, the cloud based nature of my document management and how it allows a firm with a staff of one to avoid being totally nailed to a chair and gives me some flexibility. I also talked about being as “paperless” as possible through the use of scanning, e-fax and e-mail.

The attendees were attentive and asked some good questions ranging from what to do right out of school to potential office share issues and use of different practice tools. I am always grateful to hear questions so that I don’t have to hear my self talk the whole time. Questions also help because I know I’m at least speaking on topics of interest.

The other speakers were interesting and gave me some things to think about on my drive back to Richmond.

While the “live” presentation is over, Virginia CLE will be replaying the seminar by video in multiple locations and on several dates in February. If you are interested in venturing out on your own, I recommend signing up for one of the replays, I learned something and so will you.

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