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Roundup of Recent Guest Posts at Musings

Construction Law EventsTo those of you new to Construction Law Musings, welcome aboard. To those of you who are readers already, thanks. For today post, I thought I’d round up some of the recent Guest Post Friday posts for your perusal. In short here are some recent ones in case you missed them:

The most recent post was from Jennifer Watt (@jenniferlwatt) on When Enough is Enough…the Cardinal Change Doctrine

Brian Connolly (@infraredscans) added to the discussion with some great advice on Using Infrared Technology in Construction Law: Collecting Forensic Evidence and Performing Due Diligence

My pal and fellow construction attorney, Doug Reiser (@douglasreiser) wrote about Certification Bodies: Who Are They And How Do I Do Business With Them?

Greg Shelton, a new friend to Musings, posted A Fork in the Road: Choosing Where to Litigate Your Federal Contract Claim as part of his series on federal contracting claims.

As one last highlight, my good friend Scott Wolfe (@scottwolfejr) posted the wildly popular The Landscape of US Immigration Laws and How It Affects The Construction Industry

These are only some of the most recent of the Guest Post Friday posts here at Construction Law Musings and I know I have left some of the best off of this list because there are too many great ones to name them all. Please check out the rest, you will learn something. I know I did.

As always, I welcome and encourage your comments below, please share your thoughts. Also, please subscribe to keep up with the latest Construction Law Musings.

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